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Wholesale Mac Cosmetics Outlet


Going Gaga Over MAC Cosmetics Outlets.These days, consumers are rushing to MAC cosmetics outlets with a surge of interest for the company's Viva Glam lipstick line. This comes after MAC cosmetics outlets successfully signed-up singing celebrities Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper to be their latest spokespersons. After just three days from the Viva Glam mini-launch during New York Fashion Week, MAC cosmetics outlets reported the first batch of the lipstick, counting 30,000 units, as completely sold out!

Wholesale Mac Cosmetics.The sign-up-a-celebrity-endorser gambit worked well for the 2 decades old cosmetics company. Proof of this is the reported sales of the Viva Glam products hitting over US$1 million in a span of just 1 month after its limited launch in the market. It is estimated that the company will see sales upwards of $35 million by the year's end thanks to the support of Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper.

Cosmetics with a cause.The two colorful award-winning performers are not just pouting lips for the make-up named after them. Since the Viva Glam product line began in 1994, part of the sales of the lipstick is donated to the MAC AIDS Fund. Through this fund and estimated US$150 million has been raised to help individuals afflicted with Mac Cosmetics Coupon.

This strategy of taking on corporate social responsibility is something of a milestone in the cosmetics industry. Wholesale Mac Makeup, which stands for Make up Art Cosmetics, is at the frontier of that trend towards what can be called "glamorous giving". For that, MAC cosmetics outlets have earned the respect and loyalty of millions of consumers worldwide.

Finding Real MAC outlets.Although MAC is a relative newcomer to the cosmetics industry - at least in comparison to older brands such as parent company Estee Lauder and Clinique - more and more retailers are getting interested in becoming part of the distributorship of MAC cosmetics outlets. However, if you think that it should not be so hard to find MAC cosmetics outlets near your locality, you better think again. Although there are over 1,000 MAC stores worldwide, distributorship of MAC products are limited only to major retail outlets. The company does not offer franchises or direct sales distribution programs like other cosmetic brands.

This in part fuels the rise in counterfeit MAC products. The high-demand coupled with a comparative inaccessibility to real MAC distributors is a recipe for forgeries to appear in the black market.

Nonetheless, the presence of imitation MAC make-up does not stop consumers from seeking out real MAC cosmetics outlets. The call to support a greater benevolent cause encourages buyers to "stay MAC". To find a true MAC shop near you, simply visit the official MAC website. Click on "Find a store" and do a search for their authorized local and international retailers.



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