Here comes the new menu!

There are over 20 new items for you to try.

Let us know how you like them ^_^































































































































































































































































May 2018



Happy New Year to everyone once again!


It's 2018, and we're celebrating the New Year's with our new menu, which should be out soon.


Unfortunately, we didn't start out very well due to the problems with the building.  However, after everything is up and running, we should be ready for the new menu.  


We can't wait to introduce you to some new items on the new menu, and we really hope you will like them.


We will keep you posted about everything.


Thank you for your patience and support all along.


Crystal's Kitchen





December 2017


Hi everyone,

On New Year's Eve, please order from the following menu.  

Hope everyone have a very happy new year ahead of you.

Crystal's Kitchen ^_^







September 2017



Brown rice stir fried with your choice of meat, together with egg, onion, scallion, red bell pepper, and lots of fresh basil in chef's special Thai chili paste and soya.


This dish is mildly spicy, but can be made more spicy.  Hope you enjoy it. ^_^




May 2017


Feel like something sweet and tangy? 

Our Empress Beef has mango and pineapple with the mild spicy tangy sauce.














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